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The experts haven't said official for the East Side of Metro Atlanta, but I will we are in a Sellers Market.

Any time that a nice well priced property has more that one offer on it in a few days after being put on the market, it's a Sellers Market. And as a Realtor we are have trouble getting buyers to understand this, most buyers want to make an offer 5 to 10 thousand under asking price to see how much the seller will come off their price. On average for us it takes 3 to 4 offers for the buyer to believe us when we tell them that they are going to have to offer something over asking price to get a property. Because what we as Realtors are telling buyers specially first time buyers goes against what past buying experience, friends, family, and parents are telling them. So for now note to all buyers It's a Sellers Market be prepared to live by the rules of the seller are you may not be buying a new home for a while.And please always remember if you or anybody you know needs to buy or sale any real estate please give us a call Hydehomegroup 678 487-1750.

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